Multifunctional Music Walker Toy

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Develop from crawling to walking with this walking activity toy. 



  • It will be endless fun to learn walking with this walking toy, makes it more interesting and exciting.
  • Can remove activity panel for floor play.
  • Contains: a drawing board, electronic keyboard, small book, music telephone, mirror, and beads.
  • Stimulate baby's hearing senses, touch senses, learning shapes and colors, increase muscles, and develop motor skills.
  • The baby can push it against the floor, or sit on the floor and play.
  • Solid structure to assist the baby to maintain the balance of the body so it stays in the correct walking posture.
  • Special made rubber rear-wheel, the friction is greatly increased, non-slip.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic substances, BPA-free., phthalate-free.
  • CE-, and 3C- certified.
  • Size: 31x41,5x45 cm.