Calidum 100% Merino Wool Kids Clothing Set

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100% merino wool clothing set from Calidum for your active kids. They are ultrasoft and comfortable for play and movements all day.


  • Ultrasoft clothing set with well-fitting and comfortable elastic waistband that fits perfectly without being too tight.
  • Made of 100% merino wool, that is ultrasoft and no itching to the sensitive skin. Provide optimal comfort all day.
  • Why merino wool?
    1. Merino wool regulates body temperature.
    2. You can use merino wool both summer and winter, as it keeps your little one warm when it´s cold and cold when it´s hot.
    3. Merino wool absorbs moisture from the skin.
  • Long sleeve.
  • Pullover closure type.
  • Clothing set with sweater and trouser. 
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees.