Bath Water Animal Stacking Toys

Bath Water Animal Stacking Toys

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Stacking toys is a bath time classic and provides endless fun. The toys´squirt, shake, slide, scoop, and suction-cup capabilities provide endless sensory stimulation and fun.  


  • Exercising motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Easy to grasp, hold, stack, shake, and squirt them for fun and motor skills. Encourage exploration and creative play.
  • Little Puffer Fish: Stack, scoop, and pinch.
  • Suction Cup Ventosa: Makes it fun to stick to the bathtub.
  • Little Octopus: Fill up this adorable octopus to watch its eyes move.
  • Rotate function: Rotating little turtle can spin on the ground. Funny and interesting. Stimulate the baby to explore and imagine.
  • Sliding Function: Pull the turtle on the ground and watch it slide forward.
  • Water Squirt Turtle: Fill up the turtle and squeeze its shell to squirt.
  • CE-certified.
  • BPA-free, Non-toxic substances.
  • Age: 9months+