Baby Wrap Carrier

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Keep you baby close to you to make the baby calm, when you are doing housework, or going out. Also perfect for breastfeeding.

  • The carrier is made of 100% mesh cotton, breathable and soft to cloth your and your baby’s skin.
  • Simple instructions and just one size make this wrap easy to use.
  • Baby carrier for the first three months.
  • Very comfortable for you and your child both which makes it perfect for using.
  • Our customers love carrying their babies in the Kids N' Such Wrap, but also find that it's great for breastfeeding/ nursing and keeps their tummy tight when worn as a postpartum belly band.
  • Carrying your newborn is a healthy way to strengthen the connection between you and baby. They will hear you, feel you, and be comforted by your closeness, which reduces anxiety and increase feeling of safety and loved.
  • Made of 100% ecologic cotton.
  • Size: 5.1m x 0,5m.
  • Choose between different colors.