4in1 Turquoise Baby Carrier Backpack and Waist

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The amazing ultimatum baby carry and backpack from Beth Bear, with high quality, safety and comfort for both you and the child. It has several applications that allow it to grow with the child and make everyday life easier.


  • Ergonomic made for you and the baby.
  • Provide baby with all-round protection with M-shape. It keeps away O-legs shape.
  • Made of cotton and polyester.
  • Waist stool can be used independently
  • Use only the sling backpack, or sling backpack+waist stool. 
  • Smooth and soft material, very comfortable for the child..
  • Wide straps that alleviate pressure for the spine and shoulder, formore comfort for mom and dad.
  • 4 ways to carry:
  1. Front facing: Suitable for 3 months+. You get closer to your baby, to increasing intimacy.
  2. Front (Kangaroo) carry: Suitable from 6 months+, which satisfy baby's curiosity.
  3. Back carry: From 6 months+, which is anti-slip, sturdy and safe.
  4. Horizontal: From 3 months+, strengthen communication with your baby.
  • Perfect for traveling, shopping, outdoor activity, and when doing housework.
  • The backpack can be taken off so you can use only the waist carries. Perfect when your baby is growing and getting older but still want you to carry. Relieves your shoulders, back and arms
  • Contain pockets so storage small things.
  • See pictures for more details.
  • Choose between 3 different colours.
  • From 3-36 months. 
  • Load bearing: 20kg.