Jun 13

Why should you buy products from baby-turtle?


I remember how we collected milk paper cans, folded them into squares, and sent them in, to hopefully win a prize. We collected old paper, put them in water and made new paper to draw on. Every Christmas we had a collection of old candles through the year to make new ones. Old food in the school we put into compost to make soil for flowers.



Plastic was sent to a factory and they made new plastic bottles, or we used old plastic cans for other creative ideas. We also learn how to use less plastic, and when buying groceries in the supermarket. To collect money for our sports teams we went to every door in the community collecting plastic cans and we received money for that. 3 times a year at least, we needed to go out and clean our community, for hours. In our homes, we had trash cans under the sink with different colors to recycling at home.


What I did not realize before I became an adult was that every day in my childhood was learning about making this earth cleaner and a better place. I was so used to this mentality, and for me, this was a duty from an early year as I can remember, and I thought this was something everybody did.

The children are the future, and we should learn them about real things in life. I'm proud of having this knowledge and that I learned so much about recycling every day, something that I took with me and can learn others about, and especially my own child.


I guess I took this a bit for granted. When I started to travel and I could see how other people handle the trash, I got a bit shocked. Off course I knew that not every country did recycling, but that this was such a huge problem in the world.



Facebook and Instagram came, and every day I opened the social media, there was and there still is, pictures every day of trash and plastic floating everywhere and surrounding us, like we are walking on a trash-earth. I can also see all the people who want to make a difference and spending all their energy and time, for free, telling others the importance of recycling. Also, all the people who go out there picking up every piece they can see. I also do the same and I get the eyes from strangers that I'm an alien or strange human thinking that this one piece of trash that I'm picking up can do a difference. I believe that it can, because if you see others picking up trash after you how would you feel? I know how that would make me feel, I would feel bad, very stupid, and I would start picking up the trash after me.



One of the meetings with a beach floating in plastic was in Africa. After living a few days in a house far away from the sea, I and my son wanted a few days in a nice hotel with a nice beach. The beach was white, like you can dream about, as what we thought seeing the pictures. The first meeting with the plastic on the beach for me and my son was here, there was no white beach. Imagine one of the pictures you have seen from social media about plastic floating on the beach, this was the reality. The beach was black, we could not spend any there, my boy wanted to play, but I needed to make space for him, and I was worried that he was going to hurt himself.



For my son, this reality touched him a lot. He did not understand how humans could be able to do something like this, and one year later he still talks about it, it made a huge impression.


We wanted to go out with a boat, that was a few meters out in the sea, and I did not know how to go there, the plastic was everywhere. I took my boy on my shoulders and with my shoes on we went to the boat. I got hurt on the legs and the plastic was surrounding me everywhere, like creatures who wanted a piece of me. This made me very sick, frustrated, sad, and angry. When we could see the beach from a distance, it was kilometers with black colored beach, that was supposed to be white, and 5 bulldozers came to clean up. This was normal, every single day. One of my friends told me that this plastic came from India, so far away, traveling the sea.



As a marine animal in the sea, I can just imagine how bad this is, and how dangerous. They are fighting every day for their life, and this is because of us. I can not be a human just watching this without giving something back.


I want to tell you more about this, and why you should spend your money buying products to your child from www.baby-turtle.com.



Plastic pollution is one of the worlds biggest environmental problem. With technology and especially social media, we can access information and pictures from all over the world. I guess you have seen how much plastic there is floating in the sea, filling our beaches, and destroying the environment, not only for humans but the animals too.



Did you know that it is estimated 8-12 million metric tons of plastic ending up in our oceans each year - and 150 million metric tons are currently circulating our oceans? That is so crazy, and for me, that really touches my heart. To put this in perspective, a garbage truck full of plastic dumping plastic into the ocean every minute. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, by weight.



It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down and at least 10 to 20 years for a single-use plastic bag. Most of the plastic that breaks down never disappear entirely, but is becoming into micropastic. This microplastic or microbeads, it is two different things, but they both comes from plastic, is very small particles that you can't see, and they can go everywhere. Microplast will be spread and eating by marine animals, across food chains and ecosystem, even humans get microbeads and microplast inside the body. When you eat fish, maybe you also eat a lot of plastic. So in the future, will humans contains these small particles?


One of the animals that suffer from this environmental problem, by many species and animals off course, is the turtles. Plastic has been found in many sea turtle species, and much as 75% of their diet is composed of ocean plastics. Plastic looks like food to the turtles. When the turtles eat plastic the digestive tracts can become blocked, and then lead to starvation and death. Over 100 million marine animals die each year because of the trash, and more than half of the sea turtles have ingested plastic.



It is a big concern for the turtle species and long-term survival. It is not only a problem in the sea but also on the beaches where the trash and plastic are ending up after having a ride on the sea. The turtles have their eggs on the beach, and this will make a huge problem for them finding a place for their babies.



This is why we came up with our name www.baby-turtle.com. This is not only a cute turtle logo, a child store, but it is also so much more.


Every order that you make we are donating money to plastic pollution. With this in our heart, our desire to help our planet to become clean, we need help from every one of you.


For me as a mom, I always need something new for my child, and I don't want to be a human who only buys things in a store, I want to give something back to this earth, and now we want to give you a chance to do the same. By giving something back to the world, it will make you feel better, make you feel that buying things can make a difference in the world, and you can say to your child that the things they got went to a donation for more clean earth.


Our children are the future, we create them as we want, and they are like a mirror as they do what the parents are doing. We should teach them about plastic pollution, show them what is happening, they need to see what is happening with the animals. Because we won't let the plastic pollution take away beautiful creatures, for example, the turtles in this world. They need to become smarter and with much more knowledge than what we have.












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