Jun 13

Pregnancy: Week 5


This week the heart starts to beat, isn't that amazing? At the end of this week, you can probably see a beating heart on the ultrasound.



The brain now is divided into its two halves, and the brain and the heart is the first organ to develop. Skeleton and muscles also start to begin to develop a little.


The spine is formed. Are you taking folic acid? Vitamin B folate helps close the embryonic neural tube. Inadequate closure can lead to spinal cord rupture and poor brain development. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to take folate supplements.


The umbilical cord will develop this and next week, and start to get nutrition and oxygen from mother.


Actually, what is very incredible, as you may understand now how fast your little embryo is growing, at the very end of this week the brain will have three parts. The front part will take care of memory, signals from the senses, problem-solving, thinking. The back part will take care of temperature regulation, breathing rhythm and muscle movements. The middle part coordinate signals and send them to the correct place.


To mom and dad:


You may feel the symptoms of the pregnancy very well now. Sore and heavy breasts, nausea in the morning or if you feel hungry, bloated stomach, mood swings, you need more sleep and a power nap in the daytime, and you feel the need to urinate very often.


It is important to take more care of yourself. Look at your eating habits, do you exercise, drink enough water, taking vitamins, enough sleep..? Listen to your body because your body will tell you what to do.


Being pregnant can be exhausted because you do not have full control over what is happening. Maybe your partner feels a bit confused and not understand you all the time. This is normal, just be patient with each other. This time is the time for the partner to shine. Give her extra attention or tell her more often how much you love her. She needs to hear these things, especially with all these symptoms that can be tiring. Try to understand each other and enjoy this time together.


Everything is happening inside her body, and it can be hard to express how it feels, and for the partner to understand. Find some articles or books about pregnancy and the newborn, I'm sure you will find it very interesting, and you will feel closer to the pregnancy.




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