Jun 13

Pregnancy: Week 4


If you got pregnant you already now maybe know it from a positive test. If the test was positive, congratulation!




In this week the embryo is one week old, the plum sack and the placenta starts developing. The baby is still a flat plate consisting of two cell layers. One cell is going to become the placenta and the other one is digging further into the uterine lining and becoming your baby.


 The embryo has already facilities for the nervous system, muscles, blood vessels, skin, and intestinal lungs. It is going to grow very fast these upcoming weeks.


It is time to contact a doctor or midwife, so you are followed up by a specialist for the rest of your pregnancy. When you are pregnant, it's normal to have multiple controls to check that everything is normal. At the controls, they usually take some blood tests, blood pressure, checking your weight, how much the stomach is growing, hear the heartbeat, etc.


To mom and dad:

The symptoms usually start from week 4, and it is normal to feel the same feelings as it was your period. The symptoms will get stronger in week 5-6.


In pregnancy, it is important to be aware of your lifestyle. Did you remember to take folic acid? Folic acid is very important, and you need to take 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid before and during pregnancy. It can help prevent birth defects of your baby's brain and spinal cord. Also, start with multivitamin and omega-3 and 6. Many pharmacies have vitamins packages for pregnancy.


Do not forget to work out. Maybe you are more tired now than before, but a workout should be a priority, with moderate intensity.


Stop with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and check all your medications with your doctor to see if it is safe in pregnancy.


There is also some food that pregnant woman should not eat, you can read more about it in the blog, “no-food in pregnancy”.


For your partner it can be very interesting to read more about pregnancy and newborn, so you learn more about what your girl is going through these months.


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