Jun 13

Pregnancy: Week 3


Did the sperm get inside the egg this time? Week 3 is the week when you start to hunt the symptoms. At the beginning of this week, ovulation takes place and the child is conceived. The conception itself takes about one day. Of the approximately 300 million sperm the future father delivers, only about 250 of them sprout. And only one of these can fertilize it.


Once the sperm cell is in the egg, the capsule layer that is surrounding the egg closes, and much of the baby is already determined. It is the sperm that carries the crucial chromosome and decides if it is going to be a boy or a girl. The egg always contains one X chromosome, while the sperm can either carry one X or one Y chromosome. If the combination becomes XX, you get a girl, the combination is XY, it becomes a boy.


Some woman tells about small bleeding that they call the attach-bleeding, that causes when the egg attaches to the uterus, around a week before the period. The bleeding is a small pink spot bleeding.


The cell begins to divide 24 hours after the sperm came inside, and cell division occurs around every 20 hours. When the embryo consists of 16 cells we call it morula, which means mulberry because it looks like. After a few days, it becomes a blastocyst, and an outer layer is formed which are becoming the placenta.


You are waiting for a positive test or the period. This time is exciting and can also be stressed, you feel like the days goes very slow. When it attached to the uterus you start to produce HCG hormones, and it is because of these hormones that you have the pregnancy symptoms. You need a certain level of HCG in the urine to get a positive test, around 25. The level of HCG is highest in the morning, so that's why you need to use your morning urine.


Early symptoms on pregnancy:

It is very rare to feel anything so early as now, but many women say they can feel the early symptoms of the pregnancy.


  • You are more tired and feel the need to sleep more.
  • Sore breast.
  • Mood changes.
  • A little morning nausea, or when you are hungry.
  • You can feel poking, stitching, or a strange feeling in the pelvis.
  • Bloated stomach.


To mom and dad:


Maybe you are pregnant, and you and your partner can't wait to find out. I know it can be hard to wait until the period day, but the chance of getting a positive test if you are pregnant is small. Try to wait for a little to buy the test, this can be very stressful for you. You can have a positive test four to five days before the period day, but the chances are small. The best is to wait a few days after the date you should have the period.


If you are pregnant you may already have some symptoms. Maybe your partner notices that your mood is changing, that you are thinking much more than before, maybe you are more tired or feel more hungry?


Enjoy life together. Don't stress so much about the pregnancy. The most important is the relationship, to feel loved, gove love and be happy. These days the partner can show some extra attention and show that you love her. These pregnant girls can feel a bit nervous and afraid for what's coming, at the same time excited and happy.


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