Jun 13

Pregnancy: Week 2


Your ovulation is here in a few days and can make your pregnant. To get pregnant is not always easy, some people get pregnant the first time, but it is normal that it can takes some time. If you are planning a pregnancy, or if this is not the first time you tried, you may feel excitement or you can be stressful.


One of four succeed becoming pregnant the first month when they start to try. 60% succeed in three months. 80-85% succeed within one year, and around 90-95% becoming pregnant within two years. 5-10% may have some fertility problem.


If you did not get pregnant within two years i recommend that you go to the doctor, or the best is an fertility unit where they are specialist. You and your partner can take some test and have a talk. It doesn't need to mean that there is something wrong, sometimes it can be more calming t talk with someone who understands you and have a lot of knowledge about fertility and pregnancy.


If you have regular cycle you will most likely have the ovulation 14 days before the nest first day in the period.


The symptoms of ovulation can be:

  • Pain in the lower part of the stomach or in the vagina.
  • Thicker transparent liquid from the vagina. If you put it on the finger you can stretch it without that it gets broken.
  • Sore breasts.
  • Increased sex drive.
  • Body temperature will raise with 0,5 degrees. But you need to do systematic controls to find your temperature.
  • When the egg pops out you get some small contractions that helps the egg down the fallopian tube.


The sperm is coming inside you. Some of them will fall immediately, some during the swim up towards the egg, and some of them are waiting. The sperm can wait around 96 hours in the womens body, the egg only for 24 hours. That's why you should have sex a few days before ovulation.


Around 300 million sperm are swimming through the cervix but only 1000 reach the egg. Then one of them are getting inside. Zona Pellucida is the name of the egg. It has a shell that is elastic and protecting the egg cell. That is also why it is hard for the sperm to get inside. The egg attract the sperm.


To mom and dad:


It is very important to try to put the thoughts about the pregnancy away and focus on your partner. Enjoy sex and each other, do not stress so much. Stress can make it harder to get pregnant.


You don't need to save the sperm and then try to come the day before pregnancy, you can have sex as often as you want. All these days is fertile days. You should have more focus on the love for each other, your lifestyle and health. Building a strong relationship is the most important thing, and what a baby decerve when arriving to this world. You two are a team, so make the best team in the world. Good luck!


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