Jun 13

Pregnancy: Week 1

At week 1 you are not yet pregnant. This is your first bleeding day in the last period, your body is getting ready to maybe get pregnant this month. We are starting to count the week from this day, because it is very hard to predict when the egg gets fertilized, something that you can get a closer answer to at the ultrasound in week 18.


So people get pregnant very easy, some people do not plan pregnancy at all, and someone is using years. We are all different, and being pregnant is truly a blessing in life.



If you are planning to get pregnant we recommend that you start to take multivitamins, omega-3, but the most important in the beginning, folic acid. If you got pregnant by a surprise, start with folic acid immediately.


Folic acid is important because this helps prevent the fetus from developing major congenital deformities of the brain or spine, including neural tube defects, such as spina bifida and anencephaly.  Omega-3 contains important fatty acids for the pregnancy and omega- 3 and folic acid has a positive effect on visual and cognitive development of the baby.


Everyone should be physical activity during the pregnancy, so if you are physic active in your lifestyle you should still work out. If you not have been working out so much it is the time to start now, with moderate intensity. Don't forget to strengthen the pelvis. This is particularly important, both during pregnancy and after birth.


To mom and dad:


If you are starting now to plan a pregnancy it is important that you stop with everything that can harm your eventual pregnancy that will happen this month. No alcohol, any kind of tobacco or other drugs. The same with the father, to keep the sperm quality good. If you are using any medications you should go to the doctor and look through them and see if they are safe during pregnancy. Some medications can be harmful to the baby.


During the pregnancy, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and especially physical activities. If you have not done any workout before this is the time to start, with moderate intensity. You should be active at least 30 min every day. This gave huge health benefits for both you and the baby.


The egg is now waiting in the ovary to pop out in the ovulation. The sperm is maturing, and did you know that it takes 10 days to produce sperm?


We wish you good look and hope that it will be right this time.


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